Structured Freelancing With
Unprecedented Control

Transform your Business by building a freelance team that evolves to match your business needs.

FreelanceDC is a global network of high-performance professionals that helps you create a highly flexible, agile, and scalable team to realize your Organization’s goals at light speed.

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Web, Mobile & Software Development

Design & Creative



Sales & Marketing

Admin Support

Customer Service

Data Science & Analytics

Engineering & Architecture

Flexible Engagement

Fixed/Flexible Pricing

Deep Collaboration

100% Transparency

Expert Talent

Anti-fraud Protection

Businesses: Get More Things Done, Faster, Cheaper, and With Full Control


Be Smart
Engage proven, time-tested, and highly recommended talent.

Be in Control
Plan your work in detail, and always stay in control.

Be Efficient
Find the right talent, at just the right time. Pay for only the services you need, when you need them. Reduce costs by up to 40%.

Be Lightning Fast
Deploy teams at startup speed and get your services to your customers up to 80% faster.

Boutique Agencies: Build Your Dream Team With FreelanceDC and Execute Projects at Startup Speed


Scale Easily
Expand or reduce your team size on-demand to suit your evolving needs

Bridge the Skills Gap
Never be limited by the skills of your staff. Find domain experts for any project

Reduce Costs
Hire experts for the duration of the project and reduce costs associated with employing full-time talent

Freelancers & Project Managers: Work On Your Own Terms and Build a Global Career


Taste True Freedom
Free yourself from the monotony of repeat work. Work on large, complex, and long-term projects with clients from around the globe

Create Sustainable Opportunities
Appreciate the stability granted by large projects and create a long-term pipeline of steady work

Collaborate Risk-free
Eliminate payment disputes. Predefine the milestones for making payments and simplify your engagement