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Freelancing With Unprecedented Control & Start-to-End Predictability

Transform your Business by building a freelance team that evolves to match your business needs.

FreelanceDC is a global network of high-performance professionals that helps you create a highly flexible, agile, and scalable team to realize your Organization’s goals at light speed.

Have a project in mind? Discover the talent you need!

Web, Mobile & Software Development

Design & Creative



Sales & Marketing

Admin Support

Customer Service

Data Science & Analytics

Engineering & Architecture

Businesses: Be faster, leaner, more efficient – yet more cost effective.


Do you have a short-to-medium term need for high-demand/ high-value resources, to push your Service Delivery?

Do you need to get your Services or Products to market rapidly, and is limited by availability of the right skills?

Are you under pressure to take out Costs in your Service Delivery – while keeping control of Service Delivery efficiency?


  • Efficiency improvements
  • Global Talent access
  • Time to market improvement
  • Cost takeout


  • Enhanced work pipelines
  • Access to better quality of work
  • Improved earnings
  • Career growth


  • On-demand Scalability
  • Improved Profitability
  • Improved “Priority” Customer management

Project Management

  • Structured Requirements definition
  • Project Planning & Governance tools
  • Visual Project monitoring
  • Product Acceptance management
  • Milestone-based Financials

Portfolio Management

  • Cross-project Dependency management
  • Project prioritization
  • Visual portfolio management
  • Portfolio reconciliation


  • Global talent access
  • Fast Ramp-ups & Ramp-down
  • Best Project Manager for the job
  • Best Freelancers for the job